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FAQ's for Sacco:

1.) Where is your location?

- We are based in the Philippines. Our office address is located in Valenzuela City.

2.) What is your minimum order?

- For the generic sacks, minimum will be 500 pieces per sack size and design.

3.) What are your generic sacks available?

- Plain and printed rice sacks for 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg.

4.) How much per piece?

- Price will depend on sack size, type, design, and quantity.

5.) Do you accept printing services? What is your MOQ?

- Yes, we accept customized print. MOQ for printed is 20,000 pieces per sack size and sack design.

6.) Can I have a quotation? Do you have any email address wherein I can send the sack specification?

- Yes, you may send the sack specifications to and we will attend to your inquiry as soon as we can.

   7.) Do you sell second hand sacks?

- No, we only sell brand new.

   8.) Do you have colored sacks?

- No, we only have white sacks as of the moment.

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